29th May 2018

Things to consider when purchasing a property 

At Louis Taylor, there’s nothing we love better than matching someone to their dream property. However, before putting in that offer we always think it’s worth considering the below:

1) Is there enough storage space?
It can be easy to overlook storage space when purchasing a property, but storage is a valuable asset and not to be ignored. Think about the storage in your current property and whether this is sufficient. This will give you an idea of how much you need.

2) Which way does the property face?
Don’t be embarrassed about taking a compass to property viewings with you, or using the one on your mobile phone to find out whether the garden is north or south facing. It’s a very important consideration if you are a sun-worshipper or you’re green fingered. It can also make the difference between a house that is light and warm or one that is dark and gloomy.

3) What’s the local area like?
Is there a corner shop nearby to get milk or would you have to get in your car? What would your commute to work be like? We would recommend doing a ‘practice’ run of your route to work to get a feel for what it would be like in real traffic conditions. It’s also worth checking to see if there are any building plans which are imminent.

4) What are your future plans?
It can be useful to try and work out how long you’ll be able to live in the property. If you think that in a couple of years you might be starting a family, is there going to be enough space? Similarly, if your finances aren’t stable, question if it’s a good idea to tie yourself to such a big commitment.

5) Does the property feel like home?
Can you imagine yourself living here? Could you make it feel like home? We would always advise having a second viewing, at a different time of the day and take someone else with you who isn’t emotionally involved. They may spot things you don’t.

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